Mermaid Tales Part 1

Mermaid Family
Mermaid AccessoriesUnderwater, where the mermaids live, is a magical wonderland full of life. Once in a blue moon the mermaids make the rare journey to Fairyland, and the little mer-girls have a wonderful adventure along the way. Now you can join them with thisMother and Daughter Mermaids wonderful playset.
The Spring thaw is upon us and the creeks, lakes and rivers are all overflowing. The many waters have blended together all the way to the sea. It is at this time of year that the Mermaids make the great trip to visit the other magical creatures.
Rhyme, Reason, Story, and Verse are all old enough and strong enough to make the trip. Come join them on their adventure to see things that were once just bedtime tales to them. These wonderful little girls are ready to swim and play.
Reason is thoughtful. She is the More Mermaid Accessoriesoldest twin and oldest of all the sisters. She thinks through problems and keeps peace between her sisters.
Rhyme is a sweet little Mermaid who loves to play. She is the youngest of Mermaid Setthe twins. She loves to play hide and seek in the coral reef.
Story weaves tales for her sisters. Tales about land dwellers, humans, and fairies alike.
Verse is the youngest; she is whimsical and fiery as her hair. She has a big adventurous side and often gets in trouble for wandering too far.
Song is the mommy, and she loves her little girls. She teaches them and keeps them safe, but they love it most when she sings.

Come back next week to find out what happens next!
One year ago I introduced my Mermaid Tales. To find out about my inspiration for the mermaids go here.
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