Twitter 101

Understanding Twitter:
Twitter is best done if you think of it as making connections not friends. Think of what you type as a commercial but add a little personality to it by adding some of you daily thoughts and activities.
How to get Started:
You only see what people you follow type and followers are the only people who see what you type
Now the first step ( after filling out you profile and what you type are you keywords for people to search for you!) is you must go follow people, up on the right hand side click {find people). Now type in keywords: Etsy, Mom, Mother,Crafter, Kids, etc., next click to follow them.
Next Step:
They will then follow you! Then in a few days follow some more people. You will slowly build a following (people who see what you type).
Then go to the Twitter and Facebook Promotion Page and copy and paste text!
Keep an eye on the followers and make sure you follow them back or they will unfollow you! (I do not follow back anyone who has semi - porn text or photo)
All collage art  and decor art can be found on Etsy.
MapleShadeKids is a member of the NaturalKids Team on Etsy. Wanda is a mother of 3 children and says: Many of my works are inspired by nature and the simple things in life: little birds, hugs, the huge maple trees surrounding our New England farmhouse and all the little critters living in them.
Check out some of her links:


germandolls said...

Thanks for this write-up. I still have a lot of questions. For example: What is the "listed" section for? Please, tell!

BirchLeaf Designs said...

Nice Beccijo! Still trying to figure it all out myself!

mrsbeccijo said...

The listed section is where you can put together a group of members that you want to see easily what they tweet and retweet for them. If you click on the word you will see all the list you are on, there will be one called NaturalKids there, that is mine. Click it and follow and you will see all the team members that are on twitter!

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