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 Party Time Playset for  Bendy Doll

What to Do....

while the paint dries:

Do a Blog post
Check my GA
Clean up a mess
Read Blogs
Make Coffee
Change a Diaper
Read about Marketing
Clean up New Mess ( 4 kids + Dog, need I say more, lol)
Check my Shop Lover
Make a Treasury
Take Photos
List something
Answer Emails
Answer Why?  Why is the sky blue? Why do snakes not have legs? Why can we sometimes see the sun and the moon at the same time? Why can't I keep my bug collection in my room? Why can't I fly? ????!!! (2 years old or 22 they still have Why questions)
...and many more but now my paint is dry and I must work!

And now a  peek at something I have been working on....
An Orchard and an Apple Farmers Stand for Wooden Doll or Bendy Doll

Protect the Great Lakes

For Immediate Release: May 23, 2010
Cynthia Pryor - (906) 360-2414
Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve - (906) 345-9223
Drew Nelson – (616) 706-2539

Drew Nelson releases ‘Eagle Rock - Song of the People” in support of those protecting their sacred site from harm

Drew Nelson, singer songwriter, has written a song that calls to all of us who wish to protect our lands from any action that would injure it. Drew who is from Michigan , understands our water rich place and has embraced this cause against a metallic sulfide mine on the Yellow Dog Plains - located in the beautiful remote Upper Peninsula of Michigan on the shores of Lake Superior .

Currently, Rio Tinto second largest mining conglomerate in the world proposes a copper/nickel mine under the Salmon Trout River on the Yellow Dog Plains. The proposed mine, disrespectfully called “Eagle” is on state and public land that our government has put in the hands of this multi-national corporation for their private gain. On this state land there is a rock - a three acre outcrop that is the only high spot on the Yellow Dog Plains. This rock is Migi zii wa sin or Eagle Rock that is a sacred site to the Anishinaabe of the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community. Eagle Rock was scheduled and approved by the state of Michigan to be the portal to this mine.

The event that precipitated the arrest of Cynthia Pryor and the occupation of Eagle Rock by three courageous women - Charlotte Loonsfoot, Chalsey Smith and Georgeana Earring was the beginning of the fencing in of Eagle Rock by Rio Tinto. These are all women of the water who did what they had to do to help stop this mine.

Drew wrote this song in honor of the bravery of those who now occupy Migi zii wa sin and who are not leaving. Drew presents this song with these words:
I have written a new song called 'Eagle Rock (song for the people)" and it will be made available for FREE to everyone. All I ask is you visit these sites, educate your self about what is going on and PLEASE make a donation to those brave heroes who are holding off one of the largest and most egregious violators of indigenous peoples and our mother the earth.

Drew signs his name lower case and as ‘human being’. This is not about any one person but together represents all the brave spirits and human beings that care. We thank all who wish to help and as you listen to this song - think about those people on the ground, in harm’s way, who have taken their stand - there at Eagle Rock.

For more information about Eagle Rock and how you can help, go to these sites:;; and also visit Drew Nelson's website at

Wendy Johnson
Yellow Dog Watershed Preserve
PO Box 5
Big Bay, MI 49808
(906) 345-9223
(906) 361-5179 (Wendy's cell)

Some Family fun!

Who Am I? Part 2

  I have also asked one of my favorite doll makers, Cynthia Toy of The Fairies Nest, to do a "Doll of The Month Club" for me but not tell me what I am getting from her selection of Storybook Dolls!!! BUT She is going to give me a hint/riddle each time.
Here is what she wrote:
A 4.5' story book doll reserved for .

This mystery character's favorite expression is.
"Just Imagine..." Can you guess who she is?

You can see examples of Fairiesnest storybook dolls in my sold section

Other Dolls by Fairiesnest-

OOAK Soft Sculpture Cloth Art Doll Maeve The Fall Fairy Queen

OOAK Soft Sculpture Cloth Art Doll

All Snug in Their Bed

 Photo of Cake Topper on Cake by Kristen Morgan of LanierStar Photography, LLC

Having a small business mean wearing many hats. One of those is being your own problem solver. My problem was my wedding cake toppers are a long process and storing them properly was causing trouble. There are steps to making these just like my other items BUT they need approvals from the buyer before moving on.

 Baskets all lined in a row!
Sometimes I am working on several cake toppers sets at the same time. Using the little baskets and then the chalk labels to keep everything organized was a great salution.

See the white smudges all over the male's suit.
My next challenge was keeping them from touching each other while unglazed. Since most times the female dolls is wearing white or cream and the male doll is in a dark color there tends to be a transfer of color if they roll around in their baskets.

 A great solution!
My solution was to get an seller to make me some very soft organic cotton "beds" for them. It works out great, they are just the right thickness to keep them from rolling all about! Thank you Sara of Woolies on Etsy.

 Finished Cake Toppers

Check out Sara's Shop on Etsy to see what other cute soft toys she makes! Woolies is home of heirloom quality knitted and sewn stuffed animals and dolls. Using all natural materials, always.

Fairies, Fairies Everywhere

In my getting ready for the May Fair and Spring Craft Show I realized that I needed to keep up with the stocking up of items. To really turn a hobby into a business you need to keep inventory full and ready for shipping. So in the photos below you will see the stages of getting my Fairies for The Fairy Ring painted and ready. I will not make your head spin with the endless coats and details that go into these dolls but just let you see them!
This is what I see from my side of the table, little faces that are always hungry!! " Mommy can we have a snack" is what they are saying with those big eyes!

Faces, hair, and details added to fairy dolls. I uses old ice cube trays to keep the separated while they dry.

Here is Lavender getting her wings!

Rose got her curly hair and wings now they are waiting for some sparkle!

All the fairies done and waiting for there finish satin coat. I use a water base non-toxic finish.
( yes more mushrooms in the back!)

And Here the are my Wooden Fairy Dolls, so sweet! Don't you just want to come dance in The Fairy Ring with them!


Very windy day, but as always I learn a lot each time I do one of these street shows! Enjoy the photos!
My new banner. 
Me and a basket full on NaturalKids Team LOVE!!

The set up, I love my new chalk labels!

A New Fan!

He loved the Max in Space Playbox!

One more cause he was so cute!

NaturalKids Eye Candy

Teddy Bear Picnic!

Going to Work Day With Daddy

All in a days work.

Taking a few calls.

Off for a meeting with the boss.

The man behind the magic, no that is not his sippy cup, lol!

My Kids are the Luckiest Kids in the World

All this NaturalKids Team loveliness belongs to them but it is going with me to the 2 craft shows I am doing over the next 2 weekends. I plan to display this collection proudly on my table with information about where you can find these items and more. If you like what you see come check out our website that will lead you to their shops. This is truly a stunning collection of handmade goodness! pair of felt portobello mushrooms Spring Pink Piggies Wooden Dagger with Leather Sheath, Wooden Shield, Playsilks     Red Riding Hood a Storybook Dollhouse Doll wooden mushrooms and hedgehog toys


WHEN: Saturday May 8, 2010, 10am – 5pm
WHERE: 21st street between 8-9 Avenues, NYC

Join us in Chelsea, one of Manhattan's most popular neighborhoods for dining and entertaining, for CRAFTS IN CHELSEA: a gathering of over 100 of the finest local Etsy artists and craftspeople.

Shop for the very best hand made jewelry, clothing, ceramics, knits, glass, fine art and wooden toys. Come see a sample of items from The NaturalKids Team.
This event benefits Public School PS11, and helps to ensure that its arts programs remain funded

Locally Harvested

This year I have started using a wonderful "mom and pop" local sawmill for my wood supply, Spacht Sawmill. Spacht Sawmill is located in  Fairview Village,  Pennsylvania. It has been operating as a sawmill on the same premises since 1928.

Dave and Carol Spacht purchased the mill in 1983 and have been selling local hardwoods to craftsmen and woodworkers for utility and fine woodworking use. Old and new technology work together at Spacht Sawmill, where the 1950s circular mill is combined with a modern planing mill.

As a hardwood mill, they sell species that are native to the area. Local trees of red oak, white oak, poplar, ash, and black walnut are their main supply. They sometimes having hard maple and pine, but not on a regular basis. I use the poplar, hard pine, and sometimes ash for my toys and custom cut items.

It is so rewarding to see these planks of wood be cut into such wonderful toys and keepsakes. Here are a few of the new items that we use the wood for the sawmill to make.

And The Winner is!!!!!

Comment number 3! Please contact me with you information. I hope everyone enjoyed this Etsy find!! I just ordered my second batch, labels for everything!!!