Locally Harvested

This year I have started using a wonderful "mom and pop" local sawmill for my wood supply, Spacht Sawmill. Spacht Sawmill is located in  Fairview Village,  Pennsylvania. It has been operating as a sawmill on the same premises since 1928.

Dave and Carol Spacht purchased the mill in 1983 and have been selling local hardwoods to craftsmen and woodworkers for utility and fine woodworking use. Old and new technology work together at Spacht Sawmill, where the 1950s circular mill is combined with a modern planing mill.

As a hardwood mill, they sell species that are native to the area. Local trees of red oak, white oak, poplar, ash, and black walnut are their main supply. They sometimes having hard maple and pine, but not on a regular basis. I use the poplar, hard pine, and sometimes ash for my toys and custom cut items.

It is so rewarding to see these planks of wood be cut into such wonderful toys and keepsakes. Here are a few of the new items that we use the wood for the sawmill to make.


FairiesNest said...

How wonderful that you have such a cool local source for your products!

Elemental Handcrafts said...

Awesome! I love those wooden stackers. We use local lumber for some of our pieces, too, by gathering fallen branches!

woolies said...

What a great business to have! Love that you locally source your wood.


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