A Princess and a Plumber, Who knew?

As I promised in my blog entry about my Cake Toppers I am letting you see the newest Wooden Cake Topper.This is a very popular pick for the gaming couple. More fun Cake Toppers with themes coming soon to The Enchanted Cupboard! You can also get fun extra pieces to add to the other cake layers. What would be your favorite theme? Mad Hatter Tea Party, Pirates, Mermaids, and a Woodland theme Cake Toppers to come soon! Have an idea? Leave it in the comments and you may see it in my shop soon!

Product Review: Mama K's aromatic Play Clay

Mama K's Aromatic Play Clay is a 100% natural modeling clay made using only certified GF* flours and organic essential oils. No synthetics, no artificial dyes, nothing but natural. Feels great to play with.

This clay uses the power of aromatherapy:
 to soothe (lavender)
uplift (sweet orange)
ease the anxious (bergamot)
inspire (lemongrass)
balance (geranium)
create complete relaxation (chamomile).

We just loved this play clay. It smells wonderful but not in a "foodie" kind of way that makes the little ones want to eat it. It was soft almost silky to the touch and we keep it in the fridge making it a cool treat to you hands on a hot summer day! The dough held it's shape and all the kids gave it a thumbs up! This is definitely going on the gift to give list and will make a nice stocking stuffer!

We also love the green factor in that it is compostable and tubs are re-usable, plus they are recyclable. So it gets a thumbs up from mommy! The packaging was great and felt very professional, I highly recommend this product!

No Mattle Needed...CPSIA may have things stacked against us but Fisher Price don't have Stackers

Wooden toys that spark the imagination!

Our Fairy Garden

Lovely place for the fairies to play (or Pokemon)!

Fairy Ivy Meets a Mermaid! Wooden Dolls sold here.

The Making of The Fairy Garden

A Fairy House made of twigs and Bark

I Have Nature All Over Me

We recently visited one of our favorite parks to collect items to add to our Fairy Garden Blog Challenge we are entering. "I have nature all over me" say a little boy we pass at the park. His mother rushes to get a wipe and some sanitary gel. She cleans him up while he squirms impatiently waits for the nature to be removed. My heart grows sad that nature has become an icky thing to people. I hurry my kids along to get off the paved path to find the Nature Trail and I say a little loud, " Lets go get nature all over us!"

Enjoy the photos of our wonderful exploration.

More Etsy Love! FP Etsy tonight!

No Mattel Needed ...I got the Blues

I am sad, blue over the discovery that CSPC loves Mattel! Support Homemade!

A Little Esty Love for The Enchanted Cupboard

Etsy put me on the front page 2 times this week!!! Yeah!!! Sale Fairy Come and Get Me!!!!
Check us out here!

Tying the Knot, My Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

These dolls started out with a request from someone my husband works with. At the time I hesitated because my only option was to make the female doll in a dress to look like a man with really wide leg pants. I started looking for someone who could make them for me and the result was too rough. The rough male doll only proved itself to be good for pirates. I was feeling defeated when all the stars in the heavens lined up and someone was offering them unfinished male doll on Etsy. I was on the phone calling all my supplies trying to find who was making these. At long last I had uncovered the secret and about a month later they were mine as well!

Since then I have been able to create these for some wonderful people starting a new chapter in there life. While I paint I think about the happy couple and send warm wishes for the life. I think about my own magical marriage and the love we have. Everyday has been a new and wonderful expression of our love. We have been through great sorrow, great wonders, and a pool that broke and flooded the basement, don't ask it was a bad year. Through all the ups and downs of life we never lose sight of our love and troubles have only brought us closer and more deeply in love. Yes, we are that couple who fight over who loves each other more.I love him more and  I found a sign on Etsy for his office to remind him of that!

I amaze myself sometimes how closely I get these dolls to look like the real people! They are the perfect for you on your wedding day. So if you want something special and unique Contact me on Etsy or 1000 Markets Once you have placed your order send photos of your faces and dress add a listing of details you would like to mrsbeccijo@comcast.net. If the skin tone is important I will work with you to get it just the right shade.

Other ideas could be to have them by your guest book, the gift table, or the head table. See this Etsy Gift Guide for my family with Family Tree. These dolls will also be a lovely decorative item to keep as a remembrance of your wonderful day. For those with beloved pets or extended family, extra figures could be added for a reduced rate, contact me for details.

Regular Cake topper has:
2 Custom Handpainted Wooden Dolls, 3.5"
A Pedestal.

I am now working on some Birthday Cake Toppers and fun Wedding Cake Toppers. Just finished one tonight that will be called, A Princess and A Plumber, who knew!!

Leave you guess in the comments as to who you think the new birthday cake topper (A Princess and A Plumber) maybe modeled after!! I will add the photo in a week for everyone to see!

Back to School with 1000 Markets

Back to school time can be a little bitter sweet. You feel proud to see your child grow and progress on in life, but for parents it is also about letting go. Weather it is the first day of preschool or the first day of college your heart still feels the same tight squeeze and you know you must remember this day forever.
As you set out to find your child just what the need why not skip the malls and big box store and this year shop handmade. Why not send them off to preschool or college or all the steps in between with something made with love. If you look around on our lovely 1000markets.com and browse our Market places you will find wonderful items to meet you needs. Weather it is that fist day outfit to collage dorm storage you can find it all on 1000Markets.com. And to start you off I picked a few items made with love for your little loves!

For Preschool to Grade School
Licence Plates Back Pack

Pair of reusable sandwich bags

 Preteen Buckle Beanie - Oatmeal

Preteen - The Streifen - Brimmed Beanie for Kids Espresso Leaf Ecru

Boys Or Girls Love And Protect Elephant Organic Cotton Tee Tshirt Shirt

Take-A-Long mini Art Tote for kids

Waldorf Cherry Wood Watercolor or Acrylic Paint Holders with Six 4 oz Glass Jars and Metal Lids

Did someone say WOW!

For the Tweens

Gleaming Blossoms Millefiori Fused Glass Ponytail Holder

Recycled Floppy Disk made into a Geek Gear Notebook - black

Fused Plastic Lunch Bag-Go Green at Lunch Time

Tween Rainbow Tie Dyed T-Shirt

Dragon Tee - Organic Cotton T-Shirt

Girl's mod scooter skirt

Country Butterflies -- Patchwork quilted belt

Retro Flowers Messenger Bag

From High School to Collage Dorms

Pencil Pouch

Earthy Modernistic Rays and Dots Bizzie Messenger Bag

mu rags - EMERGENCE - hand made upcycled soft three tone green cotton hoodie

Sugar Skulls on Black Vest
The Go Go's Record Album Tray
Magazine Storage Bin
Surf Board Chiar
LAYLA Laptop Sleeve in Black and White Circles

No Mattel Needed...They're Here!

A nice collection of wooden and felt toys for kids from wonderful Etsy sellers.