Look What the Mailman brought part 3

And the clue was...

Friends with mice, cats, and rabbits; curiouser and curiouser, who can she be?

Did you guess right?
Alice in Wonderland 

All 3 dolls so far in the collection!
And now for the fun! I had too good of a time setting up these photos!

Just a small Tea Party with friends!

So Sweet!

I know it was too much, but it makes me laugh!!!

To find these dolls and more check out The Fairies Nest.

Some Etsy Love

My Table and Chair Set for Wooden Doll or Bendy Doll  made it to Etsy FP this morning!

Would You Die For Beauty?

You may already be and not realizing it! A riddle: What is the largest organ we have? Answer: Your SKIN. Do you know that what you put on your skin is like putting it in your mouth. We are learning so much everyday about all the chemicals in our food, the things we have in our homes, and now our personal care products. Watch this video to learn more!

I'm not saying don't take care of yourself and how you look and smell but look for great products that are safe.

You can buy from Etsy seller who make great products that are safe.
Rosemary Lavender Basil Mint Sage - Shampoo Bar by BeautifulSoaps

Get the Look Makeup Collection by EllaRoseMinerals

 Single Use Sugar Scrub, Warm Vanilla by KBShimmer
These are not just examples that I pulled off Etsy cause the were pretty, they come from my own shopping cart and are in my bathroom. Using great products like these makes me feel good. There are lots of great finds all over Etsy of safe products that are good for you and the earth! One more thing, not ready to buy how about a how to! Check out this blog for how to make your own lip balm, http://imaginationkidstoys.com/blog/2010/07/beeswax-lipbalm/

Christmas in July from NaturalKids Team

The Natural Kids Team on Etsy is offering discounts during the next week - shop now for the holidays! A great Sale

Just click on the picture which will take you to a directory of Natural Kids Shops, detailing each shops sale.

Here are a few things on sale....

15% off any item over $25 At Woolies

buy any 2 items, get 10% off at PolarBearCreations

Happy Shopping and stocking up for those little ones in your life!

More Art From Erin Price

The month is becoming a month of Art. I thought I would introduce you to someone just starting out. To show you that you don't need training just a good eye for beauty! Speaking of beauty not only is she talented but she herself is a beauty. This lovely lady is my niece, goddaughter, and godmother to my children. She is sweet, funny, and one of the loveliest humans I know!
And now for some Art....

This is part of a series called Hello Bee.

Wordless Wednesday: Happy Birthday Max!

Living the Gluten Free Life - Lasagna

It has been a struggle to find things to eat but I am determined that will find a way to make this work. There is a lot of hit and miss out there with the Gluten Free packaged foods. Mostly misses!!! I also don't want to miss out on foods that I love so I have been searching. I plan to take you all with me on my journey to find a happy and yummy Gluten Free Life.

My poor family has been suffering cause lately I have not felt like cooking, but now I am on a mission to find fabulous substitutes!
Today's find is Gluten Free Zucchini Lasagna.

About Zucchini Lasagna

This creative twist on the Italian classic had us thinking;  who needs pasta?  Christine and Carla Pallotta of nebo restaurant share a quick creative alternative to pasta that utilizes one of the gardens most bountiful Veggies.
Gluten Free Note - Substitute corn starch for flour and serve this as a gluten free option to allergy sufferers, and you will see tears of joy in their eyes! Yes. It's that good!

No More Bridal Flip Flops

 Snow Drops - silk and linen women room shoes
Now if this is not a ringing endorsement I don't know what is...
I just opened the link and my little girl was right here, she put her little hand to her mouth and said," Oh my gosh, such pretty shoes, can you put them on my feet!"
How do you explain to a 2 year old that you can just take the things you see out of the computer, lol!
Lovely !!! Perfect wedding shoes by La La! Shoes I hate seeing those ugly flip flops the wedding party get for when their feet start to hurt, these would be perfect to slip into after a night of dancing! Heavenly!!!! 

The description itself is heavenly,
The off-white shantung silk texture is perfectly matched with soft off-white pure linen on the inside, and makes a great contrast with the rough texture of the linen soles. Unique flower-like upper straps fasten with velcro, and soft light gray lambskin no-skid patches on the outsoles allow you to walk safely even on very slippery surfaces.
...and how about these for your flower girls! 
 Zen Bordeaux
LaLa Shoes is a member of the NaturalKids Team and also makes darling baby shoes.

Muddy Feet Giveaway on NaturalKids Blog

Come on over to the NaturalKids Team for a great Giveaway from Muddy Feet!

Here are a few items by Kelley of Muddy Feet!
Carrot House Playset

Little Felt Snails

Pumpkin House Playset

To checkout other items from Muddy Feet click here.

More Art Work From Deborah A Davis

"Art stirs the emotion. It takes us out of ourselves, makes us think, feel and go beyond." by Deborah A Davis
With Bells On

Letting Go


Gaea Returns Home

This has truly been a few trying weeks for my dear friend Deborah A Davis. She is a wonderful magical being and to me has been a powerful influence in my life. She holds many of the qualities of mother earth in her own soul and I love her dearly! She is a strong and wonderful artist and through art has found herself and her voice. She is very prominent in the art movement in Bemidji City, MN. Deborah art was one of the 11 picket to be part of the Bemidji Art WalK. Each artist painted a large statue of a beaver, the beaver is the Bemidji State University mascot. Deborah's statue was called Gaea and was beautiful and wonderful! The fiberglass beaver had been removed last week by order of City Manager John Chattin, who felt the painted front of the beaver looked like female genitalia. The community came together and the Bemidji City Council voted to return the statue "Gaea" to its place on the Bemidji Art Walk at the corner of 4th Street and Beltrami Avenue.
Deborah says," One step into the future is what we do all the time, but sometimes the steps are very tall... and sometimes we stand at the foot of a mountain. We wonder if we can, and we wish for wings. But wings don't come to humans; usually someone higher throws a rope."

Deborah A Davis
N 47°28.290’,W094° 52.880 (4th and Beltrami)
Gaea means Mother Earth and God is Gracious
That the fertile earth itself is female, nurturing mankind is a belief that crosses culture, time and borders. Gaea means Mother Earth. It also means “God is Gracious,” and is one of the 52 feminine aspects of God in the Christian Bible. Gaea in mythology was a female Titan. If we could embrace the strength of womaness, celebrate it, we would become the people we are meant to be: nurturing, loving, whole.
on a side note: While painting this, the gulf oil disaster occurred… and I couldn’t help thinking, if we could incorporate this… become less gluttoness and more sacrificial, the world would be more like the home it is meant to be for us and our children.

To see more of the Art Walk Beavers: http://thisismytownbemidji.com/?p=318

The Toy Maker's Table

Find out what I have been working on and what is on the Toy Makers Table this week:

Buzzing Bees and Ladybugs!!!

My kids have a great love for bugs (daddy does not). Bugs are friends and help with our garden and our whole world food growth. Without these amazing creatures we humans would be lost. One of my projects I am working on is making great preschool learning toys. If kids learn that education is fun from a very early age they will carry it through with them in to their adult life. The Bees have stripes and the ladybugs have dots. These great set can be used for counting, sorting and for pattern making!

You can soon find these listed in my shop. Want to learn more about the wonder of bugs come read my blog post on the NaturalKids Blog!

Who Am I? Part 3

  I have also asked one of my favorite doll makers, Cynthia Toy of The Fairies Nest, to do a "Doll of The Month Club" for me but not tell me what I am getting from her selection of Storybook Dolls!!! BUT She is going to give me a hint/riddle each time.
Here is what she wrote:
see the listing here.

Friends with mice, cats, and rabbits; curiouser and curiouser, who can she be?

You can see examples of Fairiesnest storybook dolls in her sold section

Other Dolls by Fairiesnest-
A Kitty Girl

Upcycled Natural Plush Bunny

Save The Butterflies

My friend is having a great giveaway over on her blog, as well as a challenge to get us all to help the butterflies.

Here is a letter from the NWF with a few of the included tips below:

Here are a few simple ideas to help attract all kinds of butterflies (as well as birds and other wildlife too!):
  • Plant native, colorful flowering plants to provide nectar
  • Provide a shallow water dish as a place to get a drink
  • Include milkweed host plants to serve as larval, or caterpillar, food 
  • Offer dense shrubs to provide shelter

4TH Of July

Last night was full of family fun. What could be a better night when you have picnic blanket, snacks, and fireworks. Pretty colors filled the sky as the kids would yell out in glee over seeing their favorite color light up the sky. The show is always too short and the traffic too long, but none of that mattered cause my man sang Garth Brooks songs to me while we inched our way home! Lovely summer memories!!

NaturalKids Eye Candy

The Lure Of The Forest

Click here to see the full Etsy Treasury, The Lure of the Forest!

Look What the Mailman brought part 2

This mystery character's favorite expression is.
"Just Imagine..." Can you guess who she is?

Anne of Green Gables
I am just loving this doll of the month club with The Fairies Nest. Anne of Green Gables is such a great story and one I really enjoy sharing with my kids. Cyn did such a wonderful job bring her to life with her fiery hair and her sweet freckles! I just love her! My next doll is ready and I hope you are having as much fun as I am trying to guess who they are.