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Buzzing Bees and Ladybugs!!!

My kids have a great love for bugs (daddy does not). Bugs are friends and help with our garden and our whole world food growth. Without these amazing creatures we humans would be lost. One of my projects I am working on is making great preschool learning toys. If kids learn that education is fun from a very early age they will carry it through with them in to their adult life. The Bees have stripes and the ladybugs have dots. These great set can be used for counting, sorting and for pattern making!

You can soon find these listed in my shop. Want to learn more about the wonder of bugs come read my blog post on the NaturalKids Blog!


woolies said...

really adorable, I like bugs. Well, some bugs.

MuddyFeet said...

Those are just too cute! We like bugs too (well, there are a few we don't like - like scorpions and black widows)
Come see what bug visited us today!

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