No More Bridal Flip Flops

 Snow Drops - silk and linen women room shoes
Now if this is not a ringing endorsement I don't know what is...
I just opened the link and my little girl was right here, she put her little hand to her mouth and said," Oh my gosh, such pretty shoes, can you put them on my feet!"
How do you explain to a 2 year old that you can just take the things you see out of the computer, lol!
Lovely !!! Perfect wedding shoes by La La! Shoes I hate seeing those ugly flip flops the wedding party get for when their feet start to hurt, these would be perfect to slip into after a night of dancing! Heavenly!!!! 

The description itself is heavenly,
The off-white shantung silk texture is perfectly matched with soft off-white pure linen on the inside, and makes a great contrast with the rough texture of the linen soles. Unique flower-like upper straps fasten with velcro, and soft light gray lambskin no-skid patches on the outsoles allow you to walk safely even on very slippery surfaces.
...and how about these for your flower girls! 
 Zen Bordeaux
LaLa Shoes is a member of the NaturalKids Team and also makes darling baby shoes.


woolies said...

So beautiful!

gaudblogvrudaii said...

How wonderful! Thank you very much for writing about my shoes!

Daria /LaLa!

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