Gaea Returns Home

This has truly been a few trying weeks for my dear friend Deborah A Davis. She is a wonderful magical being and to me has been a powerful influence in my life. She holds many of the qualities of mother earth in her own soul and I love her dearly! She is a strong and wonderful artist and through art has found herself and her voice. She is very prominent in the art movement in Bemidji City, MN. Deborah art was one of the 11 picket to be part of the Bemidji Art WalK. Each artist painted a large statue of a beaver, the beaver is the Bemidji State University mascot. Deborah's statue was called Gaea and was beautiful and wonderful! The fiberglass beaver had been removed last week by order of City Manager John Chattin, who felt the painted front of the beaver looked like female genitalia. The community came together and the Bemidji City Council voted to return the statue "Gaea" to its place on the Bemidji Art Walk at the corner of 4th Street and Beltrami Avenue.
Deborah says," One step into the future is what we do all the time, but sometimes the steps are very tall... and sometimes we stand at the foot of a mountain. We wonder if we can, and we wish for wings. But wings don't come to humans; usually someone higher throws a rope."

Deborah A Davis
N 47°28.290’,W094° 52.880 (4th and Beltrami)
Gaea means Mother Earth and God is Gracious
That the fertile earth itself is female, nurturing mankind is a belief that crosses culture, time and borders. Gaea means Mother Earth. It also means “God is Gracious,” and is one of the 52 feminine aspects of God in the Christian Bible. Gaea in mythology was a female Titan. If we could embrace the strength of womaness, celebrate it, we would become the people we are meant to be: nurturing, loving, whole.
on a side note: While painting this, the gulf oil disaster occurred… and I couldn’t help thinking, if we could incorporate this… become less gluttoness and more sacrificial, the world would be more like the home it is meant to be for us and our children.

To see more of the Art Walk Beavers:


Deborah said...

Oh Beccijo... thank you. You know, we are both trying to make this world a better, safer, more sane place for those we love aren't we! We have to. It's why we're here. I'm glad we're on the path together!

CurlyMonkey said...

Thank you Beccijo for this great post! Love Gaea!

EvesLittleEarthlings said...

I am glad Gaea was put back. What the heck were they thinking?

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