The Reason I Have Approvals Done - Wedding Cake Topper Giveaway

The bride looked at the finish photos and felt that the headband was not right, after some email chatting and new photos we realized the problem.

 The first photos was a white wash-out from the flash, making the headband look like groupings of white pearl flowers.

 What the headband really was, was 3 rows of "diamonds" on a silver headband with one side having a swirl of diamonds and pearls, with a few pearls here and there.

And now the finished Cake Topper...

I hope everyone enjoyed the process and that the bride with have the enchanting day she always dreamed of!
May you live Happily Ever After!!!!

Finish - Wedding Cake Topper Giveaway

Finish Doll for The Wedding Cake Topper Giveaway! This was a hard month, I got very sick for about 3 weeks. It started out as allergies and quickly turned into something more serious. I work when I could but my blog suffered, I didn't get to do all my fun wedding theme blogs but my health, family, and orders had to come first.

Here you see the bride doll getting her fist layer of color. I do several colors to get a more realistic hair look. If I put a just one color out of the bottle it looks more like a helmet, lol! On my pallet you can see the mix to get what the bride calls Auburn with apricot highlights.

You can see the color mixing here.

Here is a close up and above to see the texture and the curls.

The sash was made darker and you can see her nice up-do from this photo of the back.

Finally a side glaze and you can see they are in LOVE! A really happily ever after!!!

Natural Kids: Saturday Giveaway - Wool Crown from Kats in the Belfry

This would be great for a lovely flowergirl - Natural Kids: Saturday Giveaway - Wool Crown from Kats in the Belfry: "- Sent using Google Toolbar"

Wordless Wednesday...

Crazy tripod photo shot! Love this thing!

Recap on Illegal Wedding Fair in NYC

 The Show was a hit!

Rainbow Mushrooms

The location was stunning at 623 on Hudson

What The Bride Said...

"They look so great! I would prefer the sash on the left with a bow like the photo. Is it possible to make it slightly darker brown? It's almost like dark chocolate. If not, no big deal. I'm so excited!!! Thanks!"

Next step:
Darken the sash and move onto face and hair.

Etsy Handmade Wedding Finds


Wooden Cake Stand by whippoorwheel

Ironwood Wood Ring by jewelrybyjohan

Engraved Wooden Invitation by RobertoSand

For more great Etsy Wedding find check out my Treasury East, Handmade Wedding.

Step 1, Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

It starts with the skin tones. For me and my customers this is important step. Between the photos that they send and the description on the questionnaire I work to get a perfect fit. Because this is important to me I have my customers approve the toppers at this stage with skin tone and clothing.

Next, I work on the clothing. I first have to paint a few layers of the base coats. Water base paints tend to be a bit transparent. Once I have enough coats on and different colors need different numbers of coats to get a complete covering.

Last,I love working in the little details and painting lace is my favorite. It amazes even me how I can get the paint to work to make it look like lace.

Here are the toppers for our June Giveaway, ready for step 1 approval!
Will the bride approve? Will there be changes made? You will have to wait to see.....

But while we wait here are a few more toppers in the 1 Stage

Ruffle detail and shimmer added

Detailed Lace

Close up on tiny little bows all over the dress!

Illegal Wedding Fair in NYC

In New York City Sunday the 6th, The Illegal Wedding Fair is being held to benefit Marriage Equality NY.
 for more information:
Cocktails, food, wedding cake and champagne will be offered, and numerous speakers and vendors will be present. I will be there with my wedding cake toppers and presenting my shop, The Enchanted Cupboard.
I have created this etsy treasury to celebrate this fair:

Meet The Winners of the Wedding Cake Topper Giveaway

Step one:
After a customer pays for their wedding cake toppers they send their photos and information to me through my shop or email.
Here is what the standard for looks like for now but soon we will have an online form with photo upload on my website. Don't you just love progress!!!!

Dress color: Ivory
Dress Style:
NOTE: I'm not wearing the lace sleeves with the dress, it will be strapless like the image to the right. The dress will also have a dark chocolate sash instead of the green one pictured.
Hair Color: Auburn with apricot highlights
Hair Style: See attached images
Anything to be worn in Hair: Headband, which is shown in the images. If you need more detail of the top I can take pictures.
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Tone: light
Other: I'm wearing a pearl necklace and pearl studs in my first holes and diamond studs in my second hole. I also wear a diamond nose stud in my right nostril.

Tux /Suite Color: Black, 3 button suit.
Tie/ Bowtie?Color: Regular tie and vest with pocket square, Ivory
Hair Color: Dirty blonde
Facial Hair?: very short beard and mustache
Eye Color: blue
Skin Tone: light
Other: diamond stud in left ear

Base Color: same as my dress
 Next my sons help with collecting the unfinished wooden pieces into the customers basket along with organic cotton square, all paper work, and all packaging items.

 Now everything is in one place and kept together from start to finish.

Hopeless Romantic

I am, it's true! It runs deep in my blood! I always find the silver lining, when others are losing it I am calm, and I always look for the fairytales in life. So late at night while I was painting this is what I saw....

Do you see the heart?

I think it means: True Love and Happily Ever After!!!

Here is the sweet cake topper who's fortune was told in a drip of paint!

Lets Start at the Very Beginning

Cassandra Bromfield Bridal Blog had a giveaway of one of my Wedding Cake Toppers. Ending on March 31st, the winning couple would share their experience with my readers about the process of making their custom set.

And the winning comment was:
A. said...Dawn, my wedding officiant, posted all about this contest, and I'm hoping I win! Your stuff is soooo cute and would look great on our cake. We're getting married Oct. 10, 2010 in Wading River, NY.

Our next post we will meet to couple and see stage one.

June the Month for Weddings

I have decided to make the whole month of June about weddings, brides, and cake toppers. I can't think about June without the song, June Bride, from one of my all time favorite movies, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I love that movie and had my first crush on the character Ben.

Still like that tall rugged looking guy and found one of my own to keep forever. That's what I ask him before he falls alseep, "Can I keep you forever". He always replies, "As long as you promise it will be forever." We really are that sappy sweet. This year it will be our 13th year of marriage, but for us the time started when we meet Sept. 14th, 1996. You will have to wait till another day for that story but I wanted to leave you with a list of what you can expect this month.

Things like:
Follow along with our Cake Topper Winner for a start to finish on their custom cake topper
Natural Handmade Wedding Finds on Etsy
My true love store
Meet some of the past cake topper customers
See new wedding items coming out this month
A recap of my day at the Illegal Wedding Fair in NYC
Some DIY wedding ideas
and much more.....