Finish - Wedding Cake Topper Giveaway

Finish Doll for The Wedding Cake Topper Giveaway! This was a hard month, I got very sick for about 3 weeks. It started out as allergies and quickly turned into something more serious. I work when I could but my blog suffered, I didn't get to do all my fun wedding theme blogs but my health, family, and orders had to come first.

Here you see the bride doll getting her fist layer of color. I do several colors to get a more realistic hair look. If I put a just one color out of the bottle it looks more like a helmet, lol! On my pallet you can see the mix to get what the bride calls Auburn with apricot highlights.

You can see the color mixing here.

Here is a close up and above to see the texture and the curls.

The sash was made darker and you can see her nice up-do from this photo of the back.

Finally a side glaze and you can see they are in LOVE! A really happily ever after!!!

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