Meet The Winners of the Wedding Cake Topper Giveaway

Step one:
After a customer pays for their wedding cake toppers they send their photos and information to me through my shop or email.
Here is what the standard for looks like for now but soon we will have an online form with photo upload on my website. Don't you just love progress!!!!

Dress color: Ivory
Dress Style:
NOTE: I'm not wearing the lace sleeves with the dress, it will be strapless like the image to the right. The dress will also have a dark chocolate sash instead of the green one pictured.
Hair Color: Auburn with apricot highlights
Hair Style: See attached images
Anything to be worn in Hair: Headband, which is shown in the images. If you need more detail of the top I can take pictures.
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Tone: light
Other: I'm wearing a pearl necklace and pearl studs in my first holes and diamond studs in my second hole. I also wear a diamond nose stud in my right nostril.

Tux /Suite Color: Black, 3 button suit.
Tie/ Bowtie?Color: Regular tie and vest with pocket square, Ivory
Hair Color: Dirty blonde
Facial Hair?: very short beard and mustache
Eye Color: blue
Skin Tone: light
Other: diamond stud in left ear

Base Color: same as my dress
 Next my sons help with collecting the unfinished wooden pieces into the customers basket along with organic cotton square, all paper work, and all packaging items.

 Now everything is in one place and kept together from start to finish.

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