All Snug in Their Bed

 Photo of Cake Topper on Cake by Kristen Morgan of LanierStar Photography, LLC

Having a small business mean wearing many hats. One of those is being your own problem solver. My problem was my wedding cake toppers are a long process and storing them properly was causing trouble. There are steps to making these just like my other items BUT they need approvals from the buyer before moving on.

 Baskets all lined in a row!
Sometimes I am working on several cake toppers sets at the same time. Using the little baskets and then the chalk labels to keep everything organized was a great salution.

See the white smudges all over the male's suit.
My next challenge was keeping them from touching each other while unglazed. Since most times the female dolls is wearing white or cream and the male doll is in a dark color there tends to be a transfer of color if they roll around in their baskets.

 A great solution!
My solution was to get an seller to make me some very soft organic cotton "beds" for them. It works out great, they are just the right thickness to keep them from rolling all about! Thank you Sara of Woolies on Etsy.

 Finished Cake Toppers

Check out Sara's Shop on Etsy to see what other cute soft toys she makes! Woolies is home of heirloom quality knitted and sewn stuffed animals and dolls. Using all natural materials, always.


woolies said...

Look at how cute the cake toppers are - all snug in their beds! So glad the blankies are working for you - well, them!

The Woolies bunny wants to know where HER blankie is.
Oh Dear.

kat said...

a fabulous solution!

cutelittlething said...

I love seeing problem soliving in action...great teamwork!

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