What to Do....

while the paint dries:

Do a Blog post
Check my GA
Clean up a mess
Read Blogs
Make Coffee
Change a Diaper
Read about Marketing
Clean up New Mess ( 4 kids + Dog, need I say more, lol)
Check my Shop Lover
Make a Treasury
Take Photos
List something
Answer Emails
Answer Why?  Why is the sky blue? Why do snakes not have legs? Why can we sometimes see the sun and the moon at the same time? Why can't I keep my bug collection in my room? Why can't I fly? ????!!! (2 years old or 22 they still have Why questions)
...and many more but now my paint is dry and I must work!

And now a  peek at something I have been working on....
An Orchard and an Apple Farmers Stand for Wooden Doll or Bendy Doll


kat said...

i love the apple stand!

germandolls said...

Some great tips here how to make good use of one's time. I think you about covered it.
Love the little applestand, too. So sweet!

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