Going to Work Day With Daddy

All in a days work.

Taking a few calls.

Off for a meeting with the boss.

The man behind the magic, no that is not his sippy cup, lol!


woolies said...

oh right, sure, it's not his sippy cup. fess up Sir Wade.

Elemental Handcrafts said...

Yes Sir Wade. What's REALLY in that sippy cup? Black coffee, red wine, a nice hearty stout?? nice to see your face.
Elemental Handcrafts

PrintDiscUSB said...

My sippy cup, though offstage in that shot, only ever goes as hard as a nice cool ginger-ale! I have to be on top of my game always to manage the owner of The Enchanted Cupboard and her four hench-elves.

Prettydreamer said...

super cute !!

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