Step 1, Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

It starts with the skin tones. For me and my customers this is important step. Between the photos that they send and the description on the questionnaire I work to get a perfect fit. Because this is important to me I have my customers approve the toppers at this stage with skin tone and clothing.

Next, I work on the clothing. I first have to paint a few layers of the base coats. Water base paints tend to be a bit transparent. Once I have enough coats on and different colors need different numbers of coats to get a complete covering.

Last,I love working in the little details and painting lace is my favorite. It amazes even me how I can get the paint to work to make it look like lace.

Here are the toppers for our June Giveaway, ready for step 1 approval!
Will the bride approve? Will there be changes made? You will have to wait to see.....

But while we wait here are a few more toppers in the 1 Stage

Ruffle detail and shimmer added

Detailed Lace

Close up on tiny little bows all over the dress!

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