Who Am I? Part 3

  I have also asked one of my favorite doll makers, Cynthia Toy of The Fairies Nest, to do a "Doll of The Month Club" for me but not tell me what I am getting from her selection of Storybook Dolls!!! BUT She is going to give me a hint/riddle each time.
Here is what she wrote:
see the listing here.

Friends with mice, cats, and rabbits; curiouser and curiouser, who can she be?

You can see examples of Fairiesnest storybook dolls in her sold section

Other Dolls by Fairiesnest-
A Kitty Girl

Upcycled Natural Plush Bunny


FairiesNest said...

Can you guess!? :)

mrsbeccijo said...

I think I know But I want to see what others say! I should be preparing for a UN party of sorts! hummmmm......

woolies said...

Alice in Wonderland.

mrsbeccijo said...

I think you may be right Sara, I plan to have a lovely party with them all once they are all here! Cyn and Sara want to come!

FairiesNest said...

Yes!! :)

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