Tying the Knot, My Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

These dolls started out with a request from someone my husband works with. At the time I hesitated because my only option was to make the female doll in a dress to look like a man with really wide leg pants. I started looking for someone who could make them for me and the result was too rough. The rough male doll only proved itself to be good for pirates. I was feeling defeated when all the stars in the heavens lined up and someone was offering them unfinished male doll on Etsy. I was on the phone calling all my supplies trying to find who was making these. At long last I had uncovered the secret and about a month later they were mine as well!

Since then I have been able to create these for some wonderful people starting a new chapter in there life. While I paint I think about the happy couple and send warm wishes for the life. I think about my own magical marriage and the love we have. Everyday has been a new and wonderful expression of our love. We have been through great sorrow, great wonders, and a pool that broke and flooded the basement, don't ask it was a bad year. Through all the ups and downs of life we never lose sight of our love and troubles have only brought us closer and more deeply in love. Yes, we are that couple who fight over who loves each other more.I love him more and  I found a sign on Etsy for his office to remind him of that!

I amaze myself sometimes how closely I get these dolls to look like the real people! They are the perfect for you on your wedding day. So if you want something special and unique Contact me on Etsy or 1000 Markets Once you have placed your order send photos of your faces and dress add a listing of details you would like to mrsbeccijo@comcast.net. If the skin tone is important I will work with you to get it just the right shade.

Other ideas could be to have them by your guest book, the gift table, or the head table. See this Etsy Gift Guide for my family with Family Tree. These dolls will also be a lovely decorative item to keep as a remembrance of your wonderful day. For those with beloved pets or extended family, extra figures could be added for a reduced rate, contact me for details.

Regular Cake topper has:
2 Custom Handpainted Wooden Dolls, 3.5"
A Pedestal.

I am now working on some Birthday Cake Toppers and fun Wedding Cake Toppers. Just finished one tonight that will be called, A Princess and A Plumber, who knew!!

Leave you guess in the comments as to who you think the new birthday cake topper (A Princess and A Plumber) maybe modeled after!! I will add the photo in a week for everyone to see!


Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

MMmm..mrsbeccijo..is that you in that family of four? Beautiful work by the way!!

mrsbeccijo said...

No, hehe, we are much bigger! We are a family of 6! That is my sister and her 2 daughters, they were also my inspiration for my sleep over box!


Made by Melissa said...

The cake toppers are too cute! I also like the family tree, I am off to your shop to check it out.

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