Product Review: Mama K's aromatic Play Clay

Mama K's Aromatic Play Clay is a 100% natural modeling clay made using only certified GF* flours and organic essential oils. No synthetics, no artificial dyes, nothing but natural. Feels great to play with.

This clay uses the power of aromatherapy:
 to soothe (lavender)
uplift (sweet orange)
ease the anxious (bergamot)
inspire (lemongrass)
balance (geranium)
create complete relaxation (chamomile).

We just loved this play clay. It smells wonderful but not in a "foodie" kind of way that makes the little ones want to eat it. It was soft almost silky to the touch and we keep it in the fridge making it a cool treat to you hands on a hot summer day! The dough held it's shape and all the kids gave it a thumbs up! This is definitely going on the gift to give list and will make a nice stocking stuffer!

We also love the green factor in that it is compostable and tubs are re-usable, plus they are recyclable. So it gets a thumbs up from mommy! The packaging was great and felt very professional, I highly recommend this product!

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