Reuse our Favorite R

One of my favorite parts of the 3R's of Recycling is the Reuse! I love finding new life for old things. One of my great loves is lids, yes lids. Bottle lids, jar lids, you name it. Most people may not know that the lid should be removed prior to recycling, and in some places it can not be recycled at all. The lid is normally not made of the same kind of plastic, and if you area only does a few of the plastic numbers then they do not recycle the lids. One very sad point is that depending on your Recycling Centers policy if you do not remove the lids they will put all your recycling in the regular trash and into the landfill. The common answer for this is they just don't have the manpower to do the work required to remove the lids.In any event we find the lids to be very useful items in our household of six From meal times to art time, there are many secondary uses for lids that can add life to the item and ease to your life.

Check out some of the things we use our lids for:

Matching Games for Toddlers

Water or Sand Play

Snack Cup

Holder for ketchup, dip and other condiments

Small Part Holder for Crafting

Glue or Glitter Holder

Lid Cover for Cups

Cooking Spoon Rest

Leave a comment and tell me your ideas for reusing lids or other things!

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