My Studio

 Dream Board

Okay, so I am using the term  studio very loosely. Like when you are first moving to a big city and look at a  "studio" apartment and find out it means that your closet in your childhood  bedroom is larger then the whole apartment! My room is 5' by 9' and with that  kind of space you need to design upward!
I also had to get better lighting,  and so, I made a spot right by one of my windows to use as my photography area.  I have a shipping and packaging area, display area, idea in progress area, and  lots of storage. I reused what I could, bought items from IKEA and got some from  Freecycle! 
My IKEA storage is great for keeping all my little items organized  and I have two great little helpers that love to do inventory for unfinished  pieces they can paint! Hope you like getting a glimpse into my world.

Next week I will show you my new space as I have taken over the room adjacent to this small room. I have been finding great Etsy Finds for Business Solutions and I can't wait to share them with you. 


Linda said...

Hi Beccijo,
I love the dream board! Your studio is looking lovely.

kate said...

Really like the dream board!

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