My Family's Story: A Boy and His Dog

My oldest was an early talker, thinker, and doer. From the time he was 2 he would look out the front door and just wait. Sitting there for the longest time. One day I asked him what he was waiting for, he looked up and said, "My dog Gossy". There  it was, words sent out into the universe. The dreams of a child and his faith they would come true.

It did, the day they met was magical. Gossy was a rowdy boy the former owner said, no one wanted him. I think he was just waiting for his real boy to show up. He came over an sat by us and to this day there has never been more of a gentleman of a dog then he.

He loves his family and watches those kids like a good knight! He loves to herd them like a good cattle dog would. He has a sweet face and fits in perfectly to our active house. So if you are debating if a family pet is right for your family follow your heart. Be open to the good things that will come your way, even the 4 legged good things!

 Look at that face! 
Good boy Gossy! Good Boy!

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FairiesNest said...

Oh my gosh that could be my puppy! (Well she's 15 now but still acts like a puppy!)She came to us when she was 2 because her previous owners decided she was too much trouble...I think she was looking for my 3 boys because she's been an angel in our house. You know that corgis are the fairy steeds in Wales. I love that! Thanks for sharing your sweet boy.

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