Mermaid Tale part 2

The morning waters were cold, and it was hard for the mergirls to leave their warm seaweed beds. First up was Story, ready to face the day and the journey that was ahead of them. She made gentle ripples in the water as she waved her tail in her sisters’ direction, waking them. Their coral home was filled with the song that their mother sang. A song of the tale of the journey to the rainbow valley and the visit to the home of the other magical creatures. The girls were overflowing with joy, and they bounced out of their beds with the realization that this year they would be allowed to go on the journey as well.

After a few bits to eat, their family was off. Father would meet them later in the deep sea and they could not wait to see him. All along the way they saw new sea life and creatures in bright colors. It seemed as though the sea was alive again with spring. A school of dolphins swam by and greeted the family. The girls were having a grand time playing hide the shell and racing the young dolphins . It was as if the whole ocean was their playground. Mother swam ahead and was never very far. As long as they could hear her sing they knew they were safe.

Verse was not as strong a swimmer as her sisters and so mostly stayed with mother. When she felt stronger she would venture out to frolic and play with her sisters. The mermaids found an old ship and decided to take a rest and find some food to eat. Mother Song reminded them not to go to far, but allowed them to explore. The girls decided to play hide and seek since Verse had been longing to play. Reason, ever so thoughtful, decided to take the first turn as seeker, so as she counted her sisters began to hide.

Verse saw Story and Rhyme duck into small spaces and heard them giggle as they went. She wanted to find a great place, but her bright red hair would always give her away. No matter how she tried, it would alway sneak out and be like a big flag waving in the water giving her hiding spot away. Verse decided to go into a hole on the side of the ship and quickly braided her hair to keep it tame. She found a cozy dark spot in a corner, and tucked her tail in behind some old crates and barrels.

Reason was outside and wasted no time finding Story and Rhyme, and they all went off together to find Verse. The girls were starting to get worried just as their mother started to sing to let them know it was time to leave. The three girls looked at each other and all feared the same thing. What if they could not find her, what if mother found out? Would she think them not old enough for the journey and take them all back? They started to softly call her name, but got no reply. They split up and searched more of the area.

Then Rhyme saw the hole in the ship with a dark shadow moving inside. Calling to her sisters to join her, she hurriedly explained what she saw. The mergirls hearts beat a little faster as they knew all too well what it was. A shark, long, grey and fierce looking! Story gave a little cry, and they all became very fearful. Just then the shark saw them too, and now the sisters all knew they were in trouble!

Come back next week to see what happens......

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