Lazy Summer Days and Mermaids

When I was a girl living on Sunshine Mountain we had a great watering hole under a bridge where we spent lazy summer days! We would take our bikes but mostly had to walk because it was a very steep down hill and then up hill. Pushing your bike in that midsummer sun would always make you question the logic of bringing the bike, but once you got to the bridge you didn't think about it anymore! The trees over hung on both sides of the creek, and it was this beautiful canopy of leaves that blocked the hot sun and made the light dance on the top of the water. Most of it was shallow, but under the bridge, the bigger boys had dammed it up, so that they could dive off the bridge. In the deepest area where we swam there were large rocks we would sit on and pretend we were mermaids. A recent customer asked me if I could make some wooden mermaids like my fairies and it took me back to this wonderful memory.

Here is what I came up with...

These wonderful little girls are ready to swim and play. I love the magical feel they have and how the playsets are developing. All sisters and a mommy at a size that is just safe for baby/toddler age. Rhyme and Reason are twins with Story and Verse being the youngest. The lovely mommy is Song because she sings sweetly to her girls at night! The stories are developing in my head and over taking my dreams at night, I hope you like them as much as I do!

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