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We Women of Etsy are busy we run online shops and are become SEO experts and PR pros. We keep our families and houses running and try to have time for ourselves. Sometimes in the muck of it all we get lost and need some help getting back on track. I wanted to do some short interviews with other Women of Etsy and share their ideas with you.

How do you Schedule your day?
My schedule for the day revolves around my 2 energetic kids Gracie, 3, and Braden 19 months, 2 dogs, and etsy. Oh yeah and my husband!

What % of your day do you allot for your Etsy Shop?
Usually when my kids are napping (which is not too long) and when everyone goes to sleep at night. Maybe 10%.

If you have children, what is your tip for occupying young kids so you can work?
My daughter loves to help mommy work and she gets very serious about her "work", my 19 month old forget about it, he is trying to help me type right now.

What do you do for "ME" Time (Multiplying Energy= when you give to yourself you recharge your batteries)?
 I enjoy going to consignment stores and thrift shops, I get so excited when I find my special "treasures"

What is your best organizing tip?
Time management and using chalkboard labels of course. Try to touch things as few times as possible. For example if you fold the laundry don't put it back in the basket, put it away!!!

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woolies said...

Putting the laundry away is for other people around here. I wash it, then I'm done. So - you 1) better put your laundry in the hamper
2) don't come to me demanding where is your so and so shirt, only to find out it's under your bed
3) if you don't put your laundry away before the next laundry day, you're headed for the dungeon.


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