Max in Space

Our adventure begins as Max has just finished Space Academy. He has been given his first spaceship named, The Friend Ship. His mission: to go out and make new friends. He will have to practice being a friend. Max will have to use all the things he learned in space school. Things like cooperation, sharing, listening, and being fair. He will be challenged along the way by meter showers, solving problems and learning the Golden Rule. He will be tested and have to follow the academy motto, The best way to make good friends is to be a good friend first. The Friend Ship is just the first playbox in a series that will take us to different planets, a crash landing on the moon, and needing to go to the space recycle center to find a needed part to save a friend. Let your kids join in all the adventure by bringing Max in Space home. Where will your child take him?

Max in space was lovingly created for my middle son, Max. Max loves robots, and I wanted to create something that he would cherish forever. I wanted to create toys that would be loved and passed down from parent to child for generations to come. With the dangers of plastic all over the news in the last year, we got rid of the playsets that had PVC in them. I didn't want my kids to lose out on the fun interactive play that playsets bring, so I started making my own. That first day when Max in Space was brought to life my kids could not put it down.
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