Not Just Any Toy Storage

Since I have started making and collecting great hand made toys it is such a shame to just store them in some plastic bin. I wanted to find fun and functional ways to store the toys but also honor their "wholesomeness".
 Look at how sweet these toys are with little hands at play

Wooden Toys at play

First I started with some wooden cubes from my local unfinished furniture store ( they can also be found at most craft stores). I added colored canvas cube bins to hold the toys. Later I added recycled tags I found on

Red Bins full of Childhood Treasures

Wicker Baskets are also good for storage (found at local Craft Store)

Then I found and became a little obsessed with these great fabric storage bins. I found a wonderful shop that has worked to customize the size that I need. She even worked to make them nest inside each other so the store nicely when not in use. She has been great to work with and if she does not have the fabric I need she goes out of her way to find it. 

From kathip22 of

Nice and Neat Toy Storage

Wooden Toys by:


Kathi's Kreations said...

LOVE IT!!!! Thanks so much, Beccijo, for the surprise blogpost. You are the greatest!♥

Simple Mama said...

I see some bunnies and a "cockroach"! Thanks for the link to our shop! What cute storage containers!!!!!

mrsbeccijo said...

LOL, so that my readers don't think I have a dirt house...let me explain the bunnies and a cockroach! My youngest son mistakenly called the hedgehogs cockroaches, LOL, boys and their bugs!!!!

Luisa @ Dance in my garden said...

I love this storage idea!
you can never have enough storage, can you?

Simple Mama said...

Oh I'm sure Beccijo's house is fantastically clean! I hope I didn't give anyone the wrong impression. I just thought your "cockroach" story was so funny!!!

mrsbeccijo said...

LOL, Erin I was just having a bit of fun with you!!!

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