Easter Sunday

We had a wonderful day full of fun! 

 They kids woke up early to new basket....

 brimming with treasures, some from the NaturalKids Team.

 We had a lovely Easter Egg Hunt in the Garden.
 Then Off to Grandma's House!

Where to find items in this post:
Bendy Bunny Doll and Bendy Pirate Doll by Princess Nimble-Thimble

Felted Ponies by MissButton  

Knitted Pink Organic Piggies by woolies  

Wooden Catapult by WoodToyShop

Fabric Easter Baskets by Crazy4Embroidery  

Spring Banner by ADDIEBUGS  


woolies said...

ahhhhh such cute treasures!!! Such cute KIDS!
I want some bendy dolls.

kat (kats in the belfry) said...

i agree with sara - cute!!!

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