April Showers bring May....Craft Fairs

I am putting in late hours these next few weeks leading up to May. Okay, I know last year I said no more Craft Shows/Fairs but I feel I needed a few more under my belt before throwing in the vendor's apron.

So while the family sleeps I paint. Trees, bushes, and mushrooms surround me in their little trays waiting for their final Glaze of NON-TOXIC Satin Finish.

Making the Playboxes take the most time. The detail work must completely dry between layers before I can add the next detail. I try to keep it simple but it never works out and I go back and add the details in.

The Trees and Forest sets are a more simple style and I can make more up at a time. It is so pretty to see them all lined up like a tiny forest. Working at night also means I don't have to fight off the little ones from stealing the trees ( they do have there own but are attracted to freshly painted ones, he he)

In the end the finish product is so worth all the work. Look how sweet this Lavender's Tea Party Playbox is! It makes you want to pull up a log still and join in!

This Year you will find me at the:
 Spring Crafts in Chelsea
Sponsored by The {NewNew} York Etsy Street Team
21st Str. between 8th and 9th Avenues

Waldorf School of Princeton  May Fair
Saturday May 15, 2010


Danielle said...

I didn't know you were doing Crafts in Chelsea. It will be nice to see another EtsyNJ team member.

Banana Bottoms said...

I love craft shows! Have fun.

Eve said...

What a beautiful display of your work in progress! My space is always stuffed with fleece, scraps, sweaters and better watch where you sit or a needle may thread its way into your pants!

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