Reflections of the week: The Wrap Up

This week was about a lot of wrapping up. My first year on Etsy had come to a close. I have learned so much and have reached all my goals. We celebrate with a little party and some fun food! I reached out to an old boss to get some business advice. It was just what I needed to hear on the exact topic that I was struggling with. I didn't ask specifics just a general "What do you think?", and it was truly fate in action.

My oldest son  finished reading his Science book, yes school did just start a few weeks ago! Smart kids challenge you in ways you didn't even know existed! We are looking into Library options since our city closed them down. We don't get to use the county Library either because the city did not pay the fees. Our options are to pay the $75.00 fee to become members to one in the next town. At first I thought we would just increase our used book budget but my son finished a book series of 10 books in less then a week.

We have finish the NaturalKids Team website and poor Wade is getting some well deserved rest! It was a week of ups and downs but ended with a great big bang! I have been Nominated for  2009’s Top Eco-Friendly Toys Contest more on this to come!

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