Business Wednesday:Be an Internet Litterbug

Don't think you have money to put ads up all over the internet, not in the budget.Well then start being an internet litterbug  
 ! What if I told you about a way to advertise for free, and it was better then any 125 X 125 ad out there. How? By your words! Everytime you read a blog remember to leave comments and sign with your links!

People love to read comments and if they like what you say they will check out the links you left behind. Make sure you are writting about the subject you are reading, DON'T use the comment area as a place to market yourself or put a commercial. Just let your links do the work. I have been experimenting with this for a while and my Google Analytics service tells me my comments bring in larger amounts of views then any paid ad. I try to go read 5 blogs/ online newsletters a week and leave my comments and links.

Leaving your links around is also good for your Google Analytics (GA). Everytime you leave a link behind it is like "raising your hand" to be seen by the SE (Search Engine), the more times your link is posted the more you move up in the Google search, it is great free advertising for you. Think of the Search Engine as a scene from an old 80's movie where they would show shots of the floor of Wall Street. All those people yelling and holding there hand up. The tallest and loudest trader got the best trades. The same works for the SE, the more your links are seen the higher you will be listed on Google, Yahoo, AOL, etc.

Go see where you are now in a SE, search for you shops or blog name. Where did you come up in the SE listing? First listing, first page or did you have to search many pages? Next search for items you make, or for a blog topic you wrote about. Use this information to know where you are now and as a foundation for where your hard work will take you. Start doing the work and check back in a month to see if you links are moving you up. Follow these tips and you will start to see an increase in your clicks and sales!
Good Luck!


Elemental Handcrafts said...

That's a great tip! Hmm. Lets try it....

Banana Bottoms said...

Thanks for the ideas!

toymaker said...

OK, I'm a believer!

Made by Melissa said...

Interesting idea... so all the blog comments I leave when I am lazyily surfing the net could really be helping me out?

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