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My favorite Etsy Team that I belong to is The NaturalKids Team. When I was a buyer on Etsy and planning my new business I really love the feel of this group. I am very goal oriented and I knew it would be my goal to make items that would fit with their point of view. When I got to become a member it was my goal to do what I could to be an active supportive member. I love all these great artist and the wonders that come out of their creative minds. I was recently voted in as Ad Administrator for the group. I have so enjoyed serving these great people and taking them closer to the goal of being able to make good livings from a craft we love to do.

This Holiday Season skip the big box store and come peek in our shops to fill you holiday list. I am not only a member but a shopper too. A great benefit to the team is many of our items compliment and play well together. Here are a few I have bought. Keep checking back to find out more about these Artists.

Pirate Island Playscape Custom made by Rumpos
Small Rainbow Stacker by Imagination Kids
Fairy Silkies by BeneathTheRowanTree
Wooden Dolls and Playsets by The Enchanted Cupboard
Check out more Great Artist on our Members Page


Luisa @ Dance in my garden said... have made them 'alive' with your little figures.

Linda said...

Lovely blog post!

germandolls said...

I like that you show how the sets can be combined so nicely. The pirate set is sooo cute!

Beth said...

Hi, Beccijo,

Thanks for telling people about natural kids! Beth of primroses

Naturalearthfarm said...

Thank you for sharing!

BirchLeaf Designs said...

We love Natty Kids!

Dayanara said...

Thanks for all the energy you put in making our team grow in new directions! said...

Go NaturalKids Team!

haddy2dogs said...

Love Nattykids! Great post.

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