Green Homeschooling

Using energy and making waste is what humans of the 21st century are known best for. Well, being home with a family of 6 for a good part of the day everyday can make you see that truth.
We have worked hard as a family to reduce our energy use. We bought GREEN light bulbs. We have reduced our phantom electrical use, and we are tracking what we use each month so we can make improvements. Now for the waste--that's a hard one with a large family. We precycle, buy items with less or recyclable packaging, use less when we can, recycle what is allowed, and reuse what we can. Homeschooling is sadly adding to our waste and so this year we have started taking these steps to reduce.
We start by using recycled paper and recycling our paper and art work. We have a bin in the dinning room, also our homeschooling room, to "file" old art work and busy school work. We also looked for items to reduce our need for paper. We do work on Magna-doodles, chalk mats, and wipe off practice sheets.

Here are some great Etsy finds to help you reduce:
PDF Pattern


glutenfreegirl said...

Thank you for featuring my chalk mat! I love chalk cloth! All are so cute! Your work is adorable!! :) Great blog post! :)

Aisha said...

I adore whimseys little art folio, it is so genuis!! Great post :)

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Kate in NJ said...

We are trying to "green up" as well.

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