April Giveaway

With yet another Holiday coming, that in our modern times centers around candy, we try to find "healthy alternatives". One of our favorites is from a company named Yummy Earth. Three of our kids can't handle traditional RED #40 food coloring, so hard candy was out for them until we found Yummy Earth. They use vegetable dyes and natural flavorings.

Here you see my daughter enjoying her first lollipop!

So to celebrate our love for healthy, yummy CANDY, we are giving away 1 yummy dozen of Yummy Earth Lollipops.


To enter this giveaway you must become a follower of this blog, then go visit Yummy Earth website, pick out a flavor you would like to try, and post it in the comment you leave here. Make sure you give contact information.
Giveaway ends April 30, 2009


Kate in NJ said...

I'd become a follower even without the giveaway..great blog.

photoadele said...

awesome smile!!!!!

Made by Melissa said...

I can't believe I wasn't already following your blog,I swear I did it already. Anyway, I'd love to try the pomegrante, its my new obsession!

Made by Melissa said...

PS - your daughter is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Wet-Face Watermelon


Ellen - Max Scent Soy Candles said...

I'd love for Max to try Cheeky Lemon or Wet-Face Watermelon. These look like a great, healthy alternative to dyes. I'm now an EtsyNJ follower. Thanks!

PS: Your daughter looks sweeter than that Lolly!

Kate in NJ said...

I did not put a flavor, but would love
to be surprised! lol

Anonymous said...

what a great idea - my kids eat far too many artificial rubbishy sweets. shame it is american wnder if there is an english equivalent. our fave flavour would be the blood orange one

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