What the CPSIA means for me

I completely believe in attachment parenting and so that leaves very little of my life for me with 4 kids. My art/craft is my outlet. I have always painted but making toys has given me great joy. I am often giggling in my art room over the little faces and what new thing I created by gluing two wood pieces together. I don't get that much sleep these days with our little one teething, so I find that a little joy in my day is a BIG DEAL. The day I found out about the law felt like the walls were coming in on me. I didn't even realize how sad I was until I started feeling better because of the good news that has been coming lately in the news. I was joyful again, I even wanted to redo Christmas! As a parent this scares me. I want to be able to get creative things for my kids from other crafters. This year in our house 50 percent of the items under the tree were from etsy sellers. Santa even felt my kids were good enough that they got toys made by the ETSY Elves this year. Last week I shopped for my daughter's first birthday, everything was homemade from Etsy shops. It was exhilarating, no crazy packaging, no plastic, and toys she will treasure forever. I think there are some simple steps they can take. Like in the NEVER ENDING STORY, the princess only needed a name for the nothing to go away. If they give us a specific, descriptive name instead of calling us MANUFACTURES they could easily fix this for us. In recent reports, they have been referring to each of us as an "independent craftsperson". Also, American-made products that already are tested and certified non-toxic should be exempt. There is a great many things that do not contain lead, and I am working on compiling a list. I want to make sure I list things I use and plan to use in the future. Simple steps can be made to change this law, they just need to "walk" that way to change them.

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