My love Affair

I ordered my first set of wooden dolls to make a set of our family for my daughter. I then went to the craft store that weekend to get some paint. I still remember the AHHHHH!!!! moments with bright lights and fireworks as I walk the wooden aisle! I think I sat on the floor for an hour. Yes!, right there on the floor playing with wooden shapes and putting them together. I was in love ever since!

I am a very busy mom who toils away the day in service to my family. Don't get me wrong, I love my life and they are my pride and joy, just sometimes it is hard to find the joy while you clean a toilet after 3 boys. Then at the end of the day I get a few moments to create and bring my little people to life. They make me laugh, down right giggle!

Somedays I can't contain my creativity and I drawl out my new playset. I love to get to see the kid's faces when they play with them for the first time. Also to know that my toys were waiting under the treee this last Christmas was like being a little girl once again. Now as I move into the new year I have added a new store on 1000 Markets and I look forward to may sales and happy ingaged kids around the world playing with my creations!

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