Why I am The Reluctant City Dweller

Growing up on the top of Sunshine Mountain in PA, I spent my time in the woods and on the farm.  I lived a good life, it would now be called GREEN living.  My parents farmed to feed our large family.  I remember my mother baking and canning.  We milked the cows, collected the eggs and had animal "friends".  We made our own butter and ice cream.  Berry bushes and apple trees were everywhere in those Pocono mountains. 

We spent the summer playing,  I loved living in the woods amongst the fairies, and I lived to frolic in the trees.  My cousins and I spent hours in our tree houses by the creek.  I never worried about trolls and goblins, because I always had a bowl of skunkweed soup waiting for them.  The pungent smell mixed with a sugar cube or two would make them be my delightful guest for a few hours.  All this wonderful enlightened play was mine at least until dinner time, when I had to leave my world to be a normal girl again.

I grew up with finding ways to invent new things to play with.  I was always making something, and I never remember being board.  My parents encouraged creativity.  I loved kids, and there was never a short supply in my big and extended family.  I always had someone around to try out my new game.  I felt blessed by our life back then.

I went off to college to follow my art ability but my heart always wanted to be a nanny.  My mother grew up with one, and I love those stories she told me about afternoons at the beach in Australia with her sisters and the nanny.  I followed my dream, and in 1991 I went to The English Nanny and Governess school.  I had many wonderful years living that dream being the enchanted Nanny I always dreamed I would be.

Years later I found a Prince among men and married him.  We started our family in 2000 and now have 4 beautiful, wonderful children for me to create for and dream with.  I am now a happy housewife, SAHM/Homeschooler trying to find ways to bring that same enchantment to my children. We live in a city in Central New Jersey, 45 minutes from the shore, NYC, and Philadelphia. Although it is a great place to live my heart hungers for a "greener" life for my family.  So, until we buy the farm, I will work to balance this chapter in my life.

I hope you enjoy the time you spend with me here.  I hope you join me as I try to find a balance in my life here in the city.  I think you will find, as I have, that although I am a reluctant city dweller you can always take a piece of the farm with you.

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Katie said...

I lived in Berkeley, CA for a very short time and I hated living in such a tiny confined place! We lived in CA for awhile more, but NM was much nicer even though we lived in an apartment still there was so much more room to spread out. Now in MI I love how I drive past the pumpkin farm to get to my house and the how the drive around town is dotted with red barns.

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