Stand and Fight

Where did the fight go? When did the people who stood up against the wrongs in this world get so "tired"? I am talking about this law, CPSIA. I am reading and hearing so much about people giving up. It makes me mad; it makes me cry. I think of our ancestors and how hard they fought for us to have the freedoms that we have.  Where would we be if they didn't fight, if they gave up?

I know many are trying to stay "positive" and change...

Phebe Phillips Commencement Address from Taylor Davis on Vimeo.

....but this just made me cry. As I watched her give this speech, I envisioned our Great Women standing behind her in their sashes, standing strong for Women's Suffrage with tears in their eyes. What would they say to us?  Would they be proud? They had the same fears and the same things they would lose ( kids, families, etc), yet they fought not just for their own rights, but mine and yours! Many went to jail to stand  up for their rights; would you? They fought for every generation that followed them, as we must for the next generation. This CPSIA Law is wrong. It will destroy the handmade and small businesses that provide quality items to babies and children.

Let's not throw in the towel and give up until we fight. We have not even begun to fight. The day the call goes out I will be ready... ready to put down my paint brush, pack up the 4 kids, gather the organic snacks and meet you in DC to march and fight...I will even make the signs!

Who is with me?
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FairiesNest said...

Great post and I love your protest people!

Wacky Hermit said...

I haven't given up, but I'm trying to find more productive ways to spend my time. One more letter of protest written to Congressmen who have already proven beyond a doubt that they don't care what I have to say is not going to make a difference. The CPSIA ship has sailed, but the greater point still needs to be made: we have to rein in government from making these kinds of reactionary, feelings-driven laws. We would be more effective to work towards voting out all the people who did this to us and vote in people who have enough common sense not to drive us off a cliff with this kind of nonsense again.

kat said...

do not give up hope.

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