Wednesday is Create Day

Start of a Vet Playset

Wednesday is now dedicated to be my create day! So I thought we would have a little fun! I have been doing lots of painting for orders and stocking up. All thought it is always great to get to paint it can get a little dull. I decided to take one day a week to put the orders aside a just create. I have a HUGE list of ideas and things I want to make but don't get the time to do them.

Paint in rows for stock and orders

 This decision has renewed my spirit and now I have this lovely day to look forward to right in the middle of my week. I also get a great satisfaction at getting to do giveaways and sharing my creations with others. I decided instead of doing it for someone else blog, I would do it on my facebook page and blog here.

Custom Playbox $114.00 value


So here is how we will do it:

Go to my facebook page:

Enter an idea for a playset/playbox and you get (one) entry at winning it.
If we get a few good ideas we will vote to narrow it down to just one, everyone will get to watch me create it on my blog and then the contest will happen her where you can enter more times to win!


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