Monday's Product Review

As we removed the plastic from our playroom, we found that the majority of it was located in the play kitchen area. I was relieved to find the #2 plastic symbol on our great EBay find, the beloved play kitchen which meant it was safe. Unfortunately, the play food was a different story; all the plastic, some hard and some soft, had to go. Our options were wooden playfood and soft felt playfood. We started out with a mix but opted for the felt food since our daughter has a 'pitcher's arm' and wooden food became a weapon of mass destruction. There is a plethora of play food out there, and you can find great items for any price range. I have found that size does matter when it comes to felt food. When a felt cookie is made bigger than an average play plate, it does not have the same play quality as something made to proportionate the plates.

For really great playfood check out . Not only is the felt food proportionate to the size of the play pots/pans, but the quality is great. She has a wonderful variety of fun and healthy foods. She is also very open to custom orders. You can see mine here:

My son Markus, just loves making soup and pretending to cut up the items needed for it.
Her playfood also comes in great recycled packaging.
We give her a [5 STARS]on our HAPPYMOMMY/HAPPYKID meter.

*All reviews are done on items I purchase. This seller has not asked or solicited this review in any way. This is our unbiased review.

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