Father's Day the Adventure

We are big on celebrations in our house. Every Father's Day I try to plan a day to celebrate and honor my husband. I like to make sure that we take this day to make him feel as wonderful as we think he is.

This year we planned a scavenger hunt to all my husband's favorite places. He rarely takes time to buy himself anything, and I wanted a day were he felt spoiled.

We planned the day and then decided to make the final project into a board game of our day. Every child made a clue to one of our destinations.
1. Book Store - He bought 2 books
a. One to read our oldest.
b. One to help us understand Google Analytics
(See, even then, he thought of us, or maybe it was the fact that we followed him around and stared at him while he picked out his books)
2. Comic Book Store
He bought a few series in one type books
3. Cold Stone Creamery
Ice-Cream for everyone
Best Ice Cream of the day: Cake Batter, coconut, gram cracker crumbs
4. Grocery Store
Pick up Items to make his Favorite Dinner:
Fried Chicken and Mashed Potatoes
5. Home again, Home again
Video Games with the boys (mommy cooked!)

And Then the Board Game...

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