This Journey Ends... Reluctant City Dweller No More!

This is my last post and not a sad one because I have what I wanted... a house in the country to live a greener life!!

I am so happy to be able to provide a place that has a "park" right outside our door. My children spend many hours exploring our new home!

No more loud neighbors! Now we have wildlife right outside our door! Here is the female of a pair of Cooper Hawks that share our yard and garden!

I hope you will join me in my new blog home here.


The Handmaden said...

Congratulations, what wonderful news! I hope I can be an ex reluctant city dweller soon too. Enjoy your new life.

momma rae said...

oh, yay for you!! i hope to join you in realizing this dream. your new space looks just charming. what a way to ring in the new year!! ;)

Woolhalla said...

A happy ending!! So fabulous!! See you at your new blog~ Natalie

Yarn Miracle said...

Yay! Beautiful front porch.

I'm looking forward to the sequel.

Stephanie said...

I've tried to visit your new site but the link says the webpage is not available.

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