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Fairies were a great part of my childhood and my years of playing in the woods near my childhood home. Years later after I left childhood behind I still made stories and painted fairies. When my nieces and nephews took their naps I would weave stories for them to drift off to sleep with. When I became a nanny and now a mother I still used the memories of my times in the woods with the fairies as my inspiration with my children. Now I have this wonderful new way of bringing them to life for everyone.

Meet the Fairies from Fairyland....

You see it now, just behind the tree, the fairy ring of mushrooms. You know you want to. You have heard the tales. So, just step inside the mushroom ring and come with me to the magical world of Fairyland. You have come at just the right time, The Fairy Festival has just begun and you are invited to join in. Fairies from all around have brought their wares for you to try. Come join the tea party and merriment and meet the fairies of Fairyland.

Lavender and her fairy friends are here to meet you. Lavender wears a band of lavender in her hair and loves the sweet smell that surrounds her. She is a cute little fairy that has the grandest tea parties. She loves to solve problems and is the leader of the group.

Miss Marigold wears a dress of gold and has flowers in her hair. She teaches Charm and Manners to all the Jr. Fairies at The Charm School. All of fairyland is abuzz with excitement over her arrival. Lavender is even preparing a Welcome Tea.

Petunya wears a dress of pink and loves the flower she is named after. Petunya loves to bake and make sweet treats for all her friends in fairyland.

Hyacinth loves to get up early to meet the morning sun and wash her face with the first morning dew. She loves honey and dreams of one day having a Honey Stand at the Fairy Market.

Rose loves to make lovely smelling lotions and potions for all her fairy friends. Sometimes she even leaves some for the little girls that live in the valley.

Ivy loves the color green and lives in a lovely little house in the an old oak stump all covered with ivy. Ivy loves all plants and loves to grow special fairy flowers.

Zinnia wears a dress of orange but also loves the color purple. She washes her hair with blueberry juice, and it has become a lovely shade of purple! She lives in the blueberry patch, where she always has a fresh supply. One day she hopes to have a blueberry stand at the Fairy Market.

Daffodil wears a dress the color of sunshine. She is always happy and can brighten any gray day. Daffodil has a silly side, and some days you will find her walking about with a daffodil flower upside down on her head as if it were the grandest hat! Daffodil is always there to help a fairy friend or human that may need her.

These girls love tea time, midnight parties, and enchanting adventures. I started making these for my own children when all the information about the dangers of plastic worried me. There are fairies in two sizes, playsets, a playbox for each doll (more to come), and storybooks to come about the fairies. These dolls are great interactive toys that will enhance you daughter's childhood and will be toys that she cherishes forever. A set of delicate wings are painted on the back of each fairy, but the flying is up to you!

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